Next to The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimThe Witcher III: Wild Hunt is probably the most meme-able video game this decade. It was released a little later in 2015 but became revolutionary enough to the open-world video game genre that people don't mind playing The Witcher 3 again for the hundredth time because why not? Nothing is quite like it at the moment.

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Of course, over the years of endless playthrough loops, players just can't notice the idiosyncrasies of The Witcher 3. This turned the player base into a community that appreciates the game to point out some of the best, worst, and most obvious things about it often in a humorous manner. So if you're not tired of The Witcher franchise just yet, here are some memes to remind you how great it is and that you should play again.


When it comes to your taste in video games, you simply can't go wrong with The Witcher 3 or any of The Witcher games in general. Their developers made them with as much love and care as they can and even gave the third game some free DLCs just to set an example of industry generosity.

That's why when someone who plays video games introduces themselves as a Witcher fan, that person ought to get an automatic friend token or designation from you. After all, they have great taste. See, the people who play The Witcher 3 even turned a negative and elitist meme into something harmonic that brings the gaming community together.



We have a rare hodgepodge of Harry Potter and The Witcher over here and we're proud to say that whoever made this originally, did it right. Seriously, look at that photoshop on Geralt. Anyway, this one also hits home for many of you who have read the books or know Geralt's background or his lack of childhood.

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Vesemir basically took him in and acted as his father figure since witchers start out as young boys forcibly yanked from their family homes as payment. For Geralt, Vesemir was the closest thing ever to a family; the old man pretty much taught him everything he knew. It's pretty much similar to how Hagrid was family to Harry.


If you play The Witcher 3 long enough or meticulously enough, you'll probably come across a pesky knight who somehow thinks that you're his life's bane. Apparently, the knight is head over heels for a maiden named Bilberry and she promised that she'll only accept his romantic advances if he manages to defeat a hundred knights.

It's a tall order and Maid Bilberry probably did for giggles. Somehow the blunt knight thought Geralt was also a knight and kept pestering him throughout the game in a quest called "Face Me if You Dare!" Hence, this meme was born at the most opportune moment as Geralt is cooler in every way when compared to the dull knight.


One of the most dramatic and memorable moments in Netflix's The Witcher was how Ciri became tied to Geralt by fate. It was at the banquet of Cintra where suitors from all corners of The Continent and even beyond, have lined up to win Pavetta's hand in marriage by either boasting or being Instagrammable.

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Then, along comes Duny, a cursed and ghastly man who somehow has already snuck into Pavetta's bedchamber long before the banquet. That probably explains why Queen Calanthe is so angry at Duny with blind rage and tried to kill him many times in the span of a few minutes. This meme sums it all up, thank goodness Ciri didn't end up looking like Sonic the hedgehog.


This one's for PC gamers mostly. They've made it their life's mission to poke fun at one of Nvidia's attempts to push graphics even further, resulting in a rather expensive hardware upgrade. It was called RTX and it vastly improves the lighting of graphics in games though for many it was quite overrated and buggy.

Hence, that's why Yennefer here is the other way around. The whole meme's basically implying that the game version of Yennefer is better than the show version, though it's not exactly a fair comparison and was mostly done for a laugh. Either way, Yennefer, the transformed Yennefer, looks stunning.


It was only inevitable that people compare Cavill's Geralt to video game Geralt. After all, the latter has been the most accurate adaptation of the albino monster-slaying mutant up until Netflix did its take. For the most part, Cavill nailed the role and was praised for staying true to Geralt in the books yet also giving homage to the Geralt in games.

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In fact, it wouldn't have been surprising if Cavill's Geralt suddenly stops chasing Ciri and decides to earn some coin first just because he can. That would have been the ultimate method acting seeing as that's how video game Geralt would have behaved. Coupled with an allergy for stairs and low heights, that would have been a more faithful Geralt to the games.


Geralt's work isn't exactly benevolent or fun for him but he still takes pride in being treated as a professional. As such, in the third Witcher game, Geralt has the option to raise his standards depending on the monster he's going to slay. Heck, he can even rip off some destitute peasants or uppity lords if he wants to.

Funny thing is, you can actually tweak Geralt and how acute his business acumen would be. You can even be a greedy dirtbag who talks about payment first in the face of desolate and dying farmers. The meme above pretty much captures the essence of that kind of transaction from Geralt.


In addition to the numerous side quests and contracts-- some of which are even more fun than the main quest, The Witcher 3 also introduced a riveting digital trading card game called Gwent. It has since taken the gaming community by storm and was popular enough to become a video game on its own right.

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Suffice to say, it's really hard to resist the allure of Gwent. It's enough to make both Geralt and the players forget how dire the situation is with Ciri. At times, you'll even find yourself actively avoiding any quest and turning a AAA open-world game into a card game. Thankfully, you don't have to do that anymore as Gwent now has a dedicated title.


Geralt's appearance has always been a hot topic no matter what media he appears in. That's because despite being a disfigured mutant, there are some who believe that Geralt is still a ladies-man, which confuses many productions who try to adapt the protagonist into shows or games.

However, Geralt's most notable upgrade in appearance came in the form of Henry Cavill in the Netflix show. He got jacked, buffed, and notably had fewer scars on his face. Oh, and he also became the most beautiful creature in the show. Compare that tho the ugly vampiric look in the first Witcher game and you'll see how Geralt came a long way.


This has always been one of the biggest logical issues with open-world games. The main quest almost always consists of an urgent task involving saving the world but no biggie-- you can put it off for later in favor of exploring caves, bandit camps, and taking all sorts of odd mercenary jobs.

Because really, you didn't even ask to be the chosen one or the savior of the chosen one. so we arrive at this meme that's also the perfect analogy. Geralt is torn by side activities and the main quest just as he's torn between strawberry and dark chocolate. Thankfully, you don't have to commit to just one.

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