Fans of the classic version of World of Warcraft received some great news from Blizzard recently, as the company announced that the game will be returning on August 27 to celebrate WoW's 15th anniversary.

In the era of remakes, it isn't a shock to see a company like Blizzard bringing back such a beloved version of WoW. After all, the revenue from the game helped to make projects like Diablo III and Overwatch a reality. While the company has been tight-lipped about just how long it intends to keep the game going, signs seem to indicate that it may be working on a replacement in the future.

Given that many within the WoW community feel that the game hasn't received as much attention as it did in the past, this news shows that Blizzard is still committed to providing the very best experience for gamers across all of its IPs. Not only will it help the company to better gauge the state of the game, but it will also give it the feedback necessary to create an even better installment for the series.

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Though the game won't be released until August 27, according to WoW's official website, users will have a chance to be a part of stress tests for the game starting May 22. Players who wish to be selected must have an active subscription to the game or a current time played on their account. Additionally, users will need to meet certain requirements for both the standard and Classic beta versions of the game in order to be selected as testers. While the full parameters for selection haven't yet been detailed by Blizzard, the company will likely only be selecting dedicated fans of the franchise for these specific test runs.


Users will be able to create their characters for WoW Classic starting August 13. The release of the classic version of WoW will likely bring the game to the forefront once more. It will also give Blizzard valuable information about its demographic and help it to make the proper changes to future titles.

The classic version of World of Warcraft will be released on August 27 and new content will be added through multiple stages.

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