Some people wonder about the popularity of World of Warcraft. Why are so many people excited about a game that's 15 years old? It not all about game mechanics, talent trees, or the recent movie adaptation. The old game has a lot of character when it comes to aesthetics, designed at a time before there were options like independent flight available.

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Several of the cities that dot the Azerothian landscape of Classic WoW are worth a visit even if you don't have a quest chain or dungeon run to take you there. Here are the best cities to see in World of Warcraft Classic.

10 Everlook, Winterspring

Snowy peaks, heavy pine woods, and frozen lakes surround Everlook. It might remind you of one of those quaint Alpine ski villages, at least once you get there. Everlook is a neutral city in a high-level area, and most characters don't see Winterspring until they're in the 50 to 60 bracket. It's a winter wonderland that looks even more enchanting during the feast of Winter Viel. Alliance players tend to know this area better as it's the home of the Wintersaber Trainers, one of the faction's most coveted mounts.


9 Aerie Peak, Hinterlands

Dwarf cities always impress, carved right out of mountainsides and volcanoes, but after a while, they all tend to look the same. Aerie Peak stands out, not only because of the massive eagle statue that crowns the city but the way it winds down from a dizzying height into a verdant mountain valley below. Horde players can still get a good look at the city, as it's right next to the southern entrance to the Hinterlands.

8 Auberdine, Darkshore

This is one of the cities that was virtually destroyed and completely rebuilt in the Cataclysm expansion, so make sure to check out the Classic version to see what Auberdine really used to look like. It sits on a rocky shoreline on the edge of the sea and the junction of small fjords and rovers, connected by several small bridges. It's a bit darker than the usual Night Elf city, with a mix of human influence thanks to the connection to Menethil Harbor in the Eastern Kingdoms. This quiet little city also has a few dark secrets. If you visit for a few screenshots, don't miss the Old God just down the road, who's also part of an Alliance quest.

7 Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale

Sure, Booty Bay is a mess, but that's part of its charm. The city looks like it was built by a motley crew of goblins, pirates and big game hunters because that's exactly what happened. It's a neutral city, equally accessible to both factions, but its real advantage is the myriad of transport options available.

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Players can hop on a boat to Kalimdor, and both Horde and Alliance have flight masters in the city. Booty Bay is also home to a variety of high-level trainers and venders, which is why you see so many players close to their level caps wandering these tropical docks.

6 Darnassus, Teldrassil

Purple and green don't always go so well together, but it's a perfect combination for a Night Elf. Darnassus makes it work, with a lot of lush greenery, thatched roofs and the use of natural features like trees and water. You can see the ancient lore of the Night Elf culture, too. There's a nice mix of wood and stone in the city along with plenty of trees. It does sprawl a bit but is generally smaller than other cities with a similar layout, like Stormwind. It's the more isolated than the other Alliance capital cities but that could be an advantage. Just take the boat to Auberdine and from there you can access the Eastern Kingdoms.

5 Thunder Bluff, Mulgore

Thunder Bluff was always ahead of its time. It's all about location, inclusion, and sustainability. The mesas on which the city is built gives a clear view of the whole zone, anyone who respects Tauren customs is accepted, and the whole thing is powered by wind. No annoying goblin or gnome machines here and the background music consists of a soothing drumbeat.

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The Tauren are a welcoming lot, but the only way an Alliance player would get a good look at the city would be via a raid, and this city is notoriously difficult to raid, another point for it from the Horde view. Sometimes even the most ardent PVPer needs a sanctuary.

4 Darkshire, Duskwood

Horde players travel to Darkshire just to see what is essentially the Alliance version of Tirisfal Glades. The bent Gothic architecture looks great, giving the whole city a haunted, romantic feel, but seems out of place. Sunny Elwynn Forest and the cheerful red Ridge mountains are right next door, with tropical Stranglethorn Vale just to the south. When you dig into the lore, you find out the darkness here seeped in from Karazhan in the east. Follow that road towards the Swamp of Sorrows to find Beggar's Haunt, a Forsaken sanctuary, speaking of stuff that seems out of place.

3 Stormwind, Elwynn Forest

A Render artwork of Stormwind

Most people think Stormwind is just too sprawling, while others like the canals, green spaces, and medieval stone design. It's true that Stormwind shows off a little, but it is the Alliance capital city, and might even feel like it has to overcompensate for the loss of Lordaeron. The city is divided into handy sections, so even though it's big, at least it's organized. It's connected by tram to Ironforge and you can go to a variety of places via the harbor, making it a handy transport hub as well as a really cool city.

2 Sun Rock Retreat, Stonetalon Mountains

Hey, Horde players! Are you tired of getting ganked in Hillsbrad? Have you rolled your eyes at The Barrens general chat for the last time? Then head out to Sun Rock Retreat and get away from it all. The geography here is reminiscent of places like Colorado in real life, with plenty of sandstone hills and lush greenery, and feels more serene compared to other places in Kalimdor. It's not exactly a transport hub, which is part of the point, but a nice place to level up when you crave peace and quiet.

1 Undercity, Tirisfal Glades

It might just be the spirit of the season, but Undercity takes the top spot. The design is practical, similar to Thunder Bluff in the sense that it's oriented in a circle, so there's nothing that's too far away. The music is eerie yet soothing and the color scheme is dark and chilling without being too gloomy, ranging from bright green to dark blue and purple. The detail in the walls and decor is a feast for the eyes. If you dare to stop and look around, there are eyeless skulls peering out of every corner. Visit the royal quarter to see the old school Sylvanus in her Night Elf skin.

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