World Of Warcraft streamer Asmongold is currently hosting the most watched channel on twitch with over 150,000 viewers. Unfortunately, he's also sitting in a queue 17,000 deep with an estimated wait time of nearly 3 hours.

As a dedicated WoW player, Asmongold has been enjoying the fruits of his dedication with the release of Wow Classic today. He, by far, has had the most popular channel on all of twitch today, beating out Shroud by 10-15 times his view count. He was in the process of leveling his character when his entire party was suddenly disconnected and kicked to the back of the line, where he currently sits.

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Asmon was understandably upset. After all, this was sort of his big moment on Twitch. Asmongold has been a top 10 streamer for at least the past year, but today, as the only Twitch star to main WoW, he was destined for his time in the spotlight.

Unfortunately, fate had other plans, and now Asmon is sitting in queue debating what to do now that his plans have been dashed. Though at the time of writing his viewership hasn't crashed, his mental state has certainly taken a major hit.

With no other options, Asmongold began asked his viewers to pray with him to Jesus and Chris Metzan to help him get back into the server. His viewers suggested that he use his influence to get back in, but Asmon explained that he is confident there is nothing Blizzard can do to help him.


Getting DC'd with 150,000 viewers is pretty devastating, but as a career player, Asmon is also concerned about the loss of time he will have from the game. Losing potentially 5 hours of planned time will certainly set back his progress, considering that WoW Classic leveling is significantly slower than leveling in retail WoW today.

Paranoia eventually go the better of him when Asmon began to suspect that this was a targeted attack. Often referred to as a DDOS, Asmon is 100% confident that a sniper personally ejected him from the server.

After 30 minutes of wishing and hoping, Asmongold decided to take a 4 hour break, and leave his stream running, but not before throwing a huge tantrum and stomping around his apartment like a child.

Get some sleep Asmon, you've got a lot of WoW to play in the morning.

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