Wrestling nerds rejoice, WWE 2K18 has arrived! The annual release of 2K Games' newest addition to it's WWE 2K franchise is something wrestling gamers look forward to all year. It's release seems almost more hyped every year, and of course, with that hype, comes the inability to live up to it. WWE 2K18 has scored a walloping 67 on Metacritic, along with a 6.6 user score. Oof. That's not to say they aren't good things about the game, obviously, it looks fantastic, and 2K's attention to presentational detail is second to none. If WWE 2K18 wasn't a game, and instead was some kind of television show featuring wrestlers...you know...like, wrestling, it'd probably be pretty tolerable. But the fact is, WWE 2K18 is a video game, and that means, for better or worse, you gotta play it.

And of course, with crummy games come amazing memes. We've aggregated twenty of the best WWE 2K18 memes that will have true fans nodding their heads in agreement, and hopefully, give frustrated gamers a little something to laugh about. Take a big whiff of what The Rock is cookin', and put on your glasses, cause YOU CAN'T SEE ME! This is 20 WWE 2K18 Memes Only True Fans Will Understand.

Since WWE 2K18 came out so recently, there aren't a ton of memes out there about it yet! Did we miss some of your faves? Let us know in the comments!

20 Get Ready To Load

The loading times in WWE 2K18 are completely ridiculous. Going into MyPlayer mode and trying to play one match, for example, can take forever, especially if you want to change up your wardrobe or apply some hard-earned points to your character before making your entrance. And what really bugs me is WWE games used to have awesome loading screens. Remember the good old days of Smackdown vs Raw, where loading screens consisted of photoshopped images of different wrestlers? At least that gave you something to look at while you waited. All you get here is this dumb WWE logo with a little light bar that moves across the red stripe. And you have to look at it. Over. And over. And over.

Obviously, the majority of work in any game shouldn't go into loading screens. But if you're going to make the player spend this much time looking at them, a little more creativity would be nice.


19 Here Comes the Funny

Yes, that's right. TJ Perkins, now known as TJP in WWE, has wrestled since the age of 13. Technically proficient and a master of the top rope, Perkins is known for his ability to fly smoothly around the ring, and take down opponents with his mastery of the art of professional wrestling. Shane McMahon, on the other hand, is Vince McMahon's son. Also, he knows how to jump off of tall things. Did I mention he's Vince McMahon's son? Cool, wasn't sure. This is a huge oversight in overall ratings. Saying that somehow, Shane McMahon is better in the ring than TJP is an insult to anyone who watches professional wrestling. You're basically saying if these two met up in the ring, Shane would have a distinct advantage. Yeah, not unless it's a "who can take a more unsafe bump" first match.

18 So Much To Not Chose From

WWE 2k18 boasts an enormous roster of over 200 superstars from both past and present. But don't worry, the likelihood you'll actually be able to play as all those superstars without shelling out some more of your hard earned actual cash is pretty slim. You see, WWE 2K18 uses a virtual currency, or VC system, just like other 2k games. But unlike, say, NBA 2k, this currency isn't just used for leveling up your player, but also for purchasing wrestlers to use in the game. And it's not like they're going for cheap either. The average classic superstar goes for about 3,000 VC, which can take a pretty long time to get if you're just casually playing the game. So if you were looking forward to popping in the game and playing Dude Love vs Bret Hart, slow down! Don't be so entitled. It's not like you just dropped $60 on this game.

17 The Brahma Total Bull

Yeah, right. In the very first scene of WWE 2K18's flaw riddled MyPlayer mode, your character sees the great one himself, The Rock, working out in the ring with Tye Dillinger. Look, I know this is a video game, but shouldn't we be just a little realistic here? I mean, what are the odds The Rock has EVER set foot in the performance center? And of all the people to be correcting Tye Dillinger on chain wrestling, is The Rock really the right guy? This highlights a big problem in real life wrestling right now, a refusal to push new stars in favor of instead bringing back over the hill heroes of yesteryear whose time has clearly come and gone. Why not have Tye working out with Finn Bálor? Or even Bobby Roode? The Rock's inclusion in MyPlayer just makes an already out of touch mode feel even more lost.

16 Take That, The Business

WWE 2K18 is the first WWE title I can remember that takes kayfabe, which is wrestler speak for the idea that wrestling is real, and totally shatters it. There's a storyline in MyPlayer where they literally ASK YOU to lose a match. It's confusing. Is your character actually fighting to move up the ranks? Or are you an actor, hired to carry out the wishes of authority figures? It only gets more confusing if you refuse, because instead of getting fired, Daniel Bryan just picks you up for Smackdown Live. What reason would Daniel Bryan have for hiring someone who clearly can't follow instructions and operates in an unsafe way in the ring? Why not instead just let us believe wrestling is real, since you take the opportunity to tell us it isn't every other chance you get? At least let the kids who play the game keep believing John Cena is actually superman.

15 Buy Like No One

via: youtube.com (UCFLY3jZyP_YACip0qzHRi_Q)

Youtube gamer W G D3DM4N nails it with this one. WWE 2k18 makes cash grab after cash grab, be it to unlock wrestlers and arenas, or to open one of their loot crates. So much of the WWE games is their amazing creation suites that allow people an unprecedented level of customization not seen in any other franchise. I've literally seen created wrestlers that look better than the models 2K includes in the game itself. But by making players pay just to access things like finishing moves and costume items, they're asking players to fork over more money for items that should just come with the game.

If you want to create some new mode similar to Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show, or Madden Ultimate Team, I'd understand. But all these additions do is make the developers feel cheap.

14 Now That's Realism

via: me.me

The consistently hilarious WWE Creative Humor Twitter account hits a home run with this meme. If there's one thing that WWE 2K18 nails, it's the graphics. The game looks absolutely amazing, with some wrestler entrances being indistinguishable from their real-life counterparts. This tweet goes back to what I mentioned previously about The Rock, how WWE keeps shoehorning part-timers and superstars no longer at the apex of their careers into the limelight over showcasing young talent. It would be hilarious if you could only use Lesnar five times a year in your WWE Universe due to contract issues, but would also be one of the most realistic things about the game. What's even funnier is that Randy Orton himself retweeted this joke. Good on ya, Viper. 

13 The Guy On The Cover

via: imgur.com

Yes, here it is folks, Vince McMahon's leaked initial proposal for WWE 2K18's cover art! Kidding of course, but one ongoing train wreck you just can't look away from in WWE for the past few years has been Vince's ongoing struggle to just get fans to like Roman Reigns. And even though fans know it would be Vince's dream to see Roman holding ever title and being cheered on his way to the ring every night, it certainly doesn't seem like that'll be happening anytime soon. Roman suffered yet another setback last month, as a virus going around backstage caused him to be sidelined in the TLC The Shield reunion match, one where he undoubtedly would have actually been cheered for. Keep fighting the good fight, Vince. Or, in this case, keep fighting the opinions of every fan of your product.

12 Where's the Reset Button?

via: wrestlingmemes.com/

Ok, so technically, this is a WWE 2K17 meme, but it's just too good not to include, especially because it could just as easily apply to any WWE video game. Jinder Mahal becoming the number one contender for, and eventually winning the WWE title seemed like something out of a video game simulation gone wrong. It's one of those simulations you could even watch play out and still not believe. It reminds me of when you get to a match in universe mode with Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Steve Austin, and Heath Slater, and you simulate it and somehow end up with Slater on top (no dig to Heath, he's got kids). I guess sometimes real life booking is stranger than fiction.

11 Baron Baloney

via: youtube.com (iamthedenk)

Baron Blade is a wrestler created by 2K who has made previous appearances in the franchise, for reasons pretty much unbeknownst to anyone. Who is he? What's the point of having him return year after year? And why was he promoted this year to show running for NXT? Shouldn't that be Matt Bloom or Triple H, both of whom are also in this game?? Baron Blade has more personalized dialogue in WWE 2K18 than virtually any other superstar. How come I have to have a whole conversation with him, and yet when I go to talk to Johnny Gargano backstage, all he tells me is "put on a good show for the fans!" A little more attention to detail, and not detail for characters that don't exist in the actual WWE, would go a long way here.

10 Renee? That You?

via: youtube.com (iamthedenk)

That does not look like Renee Young. This isn't a new problem for the WWE 2K franchise, and it seems like one they don't plan on addressing anytime soon. This character model looks almost nothing like WWE backstage reporter Renee Young. If you're going to put her in the game, and have her play such a large role in the MyPlayer mode, at least take a little bit of time to tweak her character model so that it looks like the person we see every week on TV.

I shouldn't be so hard on 2K. I mean, they got the microphone right. Renee does hold a microphone that looks just like that. And she's blonde. So you know what? Looks like I'm in the wrong here after all. My bad, guys. Great work.

9 Fork Over That Cash

While fans were told WWE 2K18 wouldn't have any microtransactions, surprise! It has them anyway! Yes, if you want your created player to truly shine with all the great costume elements and moves that should come with the purchase of a $60 video game, you're in for a rude awakening! WWE 2K18 includes loot boxes for the low, low price of 2,500, 5,000, and 10,000 VC coins. These coins can be earned through gameplay, although if you're just jonesing for some loot ASAP, don't worry! You can purchase more coins through the Playstation store.

It's really disappointing to see the WWE 2K franchise going the way of The Candy Crush Saga. Microtransactions seem to be a part of every game there is now, forcing gamers to pay to level up instead of earn it. Lame.

8 Uniquely Generic Tunes

Super cool news, WWE fans! Remember how in past games you could upload your own CDs or mp3s into the game and enter the ring to your favorite tunes? Well, guess what, that feature is gone! Awesome, right? 2K has provided a number of it's own unique entrance themes, none of which are any songs you'd ever actually want to use, because they all just sound like generic, create a wrestler entrance music. Want to create a superstar who isn't in the game and give them their signature theme (I'm looking at you, "Cult of Personality" fans)? Hey hey, you can't! Want to have your Wolverine CAW come out to the X-Men theme from the animated tv show? Not happening! Why not give "Perfectionist" a try instead? Sure, it's not the song you want, and it would be super easy to just include custom music, but who cares about that? Buy a loot crate, why don't ya!

7 GM Mode: Lost and Gone Forever

via: youtube.com (MainEventGames)

If you were a huge fan of GM mode, featured in games like Smackdown vs Raw 2006, and thought it might be returning in WWE 2K18 since the brands have split again, think again. GM mode, which allowed you to take control of either Smackdown or Raw and compete with your opposing brand for ratings and superstars, makes no appearance in WWE 2k18. GM mode provided what universe mode simply does not: a reason to keep playing. If you're constantly competing with another brand to be the best, there's a natural incentive to continue playing the game. In universe mode, it just goes on forever with no reason to create a strong brand, other than being able to pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you'd be a good booker.

The good news is, Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan both have GM skins in the game they can wear during matches. Sorry, not good news, GREAT news. Really awesome, memorable stuff.

6 Have You Had Your Break Today?

In MyPlayer mode, you can often find other WWE Superstars backstage doing cool things, like avoiding eye contact and using their phones. Because we're not all spending enough time looking at our phones in real life, 2K has decided to give us a virtual world where we can watch our favorite wrestlers check Twitter and act anti-socially.

This gets particularly ridiculous when you see someone like Kane, a literal demon from the underworld, just scrolling through his iPhone. Sure, Kane's gimmick has taken some hits over the years, but seeing him in full red and black checking his phone just looks...wrong. Lucky for Kane though, if his phone ever runs out of batteries, he just puts it in the center of the ring and does that arm thing. Full battery every time.

5 Classic Luke Harper Right Here

Luke Harper, formerly of the Wyatt Family stable, is a big, hulking, mean dude. With a gimmick that feels like an update of the classic Bruiser Brody character, he is imposing, tough, and frightening. Why WWE hasn't given Harper a bigger push on TV is anybody's guess.

One thing that Harper isn't known for, however, is long promos. Braying like a goat, yes. Speaking for a long time, no. The notion that these words would ever actually come out of Harper's mouth is massively absurd. This happens repeatedly in MyPlayer, with every player you talk to spitting out some company line garbage that feels totally untrue to their character. He might as well say, "Hello, I am an actor playing a wrestler. Do you enjoy organic kale? It is a favorite of mine."

Actually, that might be an improvement.

4 In Grave(s) Danger

via: youtube.com (UCyQZ6ieyXZBCwiTmQssAl2Q)

The addition of Corey Graves to WWE 2K18's commentary team was one welcome by fans. For years, the commentary has felt stale and rehearsed, not unlike it's TV counterpart. But Graves has brought a real level of legitimacy to the TV commentary team, and has provided a welcome change, adding excellent color commentary to Michael Cole and Bryon Saxton's more by-the-book calls.

Sadly, this did not translate to the game. Half the time, you can't even tell if it's Byron or Graves, and what little Graves does add is unmemorable to say the least. It just feels like a WWE game is never going to have great commentary, which is a bummer but understandable. Recreating a live commentary experience when your created character's name isn't even in the game is a pretty tall hill to climb.

3 Team Extreme Is Just a Dream

via: wwe.com

Sadly, the recently returned Hardy Boyz did not make the cut of WWE 2k18, not even as DLC. This is really a shame, as the Hardys (or is it Hardyz?) are not just a nostalgia act one could actually argue that with their "broken," or in WWE's case, "woken" personas, they are actually at a new height in their careers. If you haven't heard Matt Hardy's broken laugh, or my goodness, that incredible accent he does, it's very worth going down a YouTube rabbit hole as soon as humanly possible. Regardless, the developers just didn't have time and weren't able to include the Hardy Boyz in the game. Fans who want to play as the broken brothers will just have to do it by downloading created versions of them, which promise to be pretty solid.

2 Vintage Orton

via: reddit.com

Looking at these two images, it seems the biggest difference in Randy Orton's character models between WWE 2K17 and WWE 2K18 is that, sometime between the two games, he went to a chiropractor. Look at that. It's bizarre. Like, in one, he's all hunched over. There's no way he's at peak circulation in WWE 2k17. In 2k18, somebody laid the guy down on a mat and cracked his spine back into alignment or something. And look at that hopeful gaze! It's like he stopped vaping for a second and decided instead to look towards his bright future. This dude went from chump to champ right here.

If the only changes 2K makes every year are just having their wrestlers stand up straighter and straighter, it'll probably save on costs while making players realize the importance of good posture.

1 NO! NO! NO!

via: www.selfiehashtag.com/

This is so true. There are few things more frustrating than realizing there is absolutely nothing you can do to reverse that finisher coming from your opponent, especially when they've already reversed yours three or four times. In WWE 2K18, not hitting that R2 button at the exact right time can lead to disaster, and it frequently does. I myself have had an awful time with the reversal system, and while fighting Dolph Ziggler in MyPlayer, have failed to reverse virtually anything while he sends pretty much every move back my way in a flash. So. Frustrating.

Of course, when you do reverse a move, it feels great. Like you've really accomplished something. You're the best! The champ! A pro! Until of course, your next move is immediately reversed.

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