When we talk about preferences between the Xbox and the PlayStation consoles, exclusive games are sure to enter the discussion. However, what might surprise a lot of people is the fact that Xbox has more of those next-gen only exclusives than the PS5.

A large part of the now-infamous PlayStation showcase focused on exclusive titles. The vast majority of the games featured during the showcase made it clear that they were PS5 exclusives, even if that required an asterisk that said the games would also be available on PC. Platform exclusives are so important that Take-Two Interactive's CEO strongly implied that they are make-or-break for the consoles.

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Microsoft has been on a small buying spree for several years, hoping to increase its offering of potentially exclusive titles. So far, it appears that those purchases are paying off because Xbox Series X has more next-gen only exclusives than the PS5. It's a distinction with a significant difference at this point in time. Even though Microsoft has expressed interest in ending the concept of exclusive titles, it has been first out of the gate in naming titles that can only be played with Series X technology.

That's not to say that PlayStation won't catch up. It simply means that Xbox is trying to tease more of its next-gen only games for longer. It's not a bad strategy from a business standpoint. Xbox can stay true to its word that it is pushing for fewer exclusives while also riding the hype of the few exclusives that it does have. Of course, it's not possible to have your cake and eat it too, so this particular strategy may backfire in the long term.


Regardless, at this point in time, Xbox has given us more of a look at the company's future than PlayStation has. It's hard to say if that's a good thing or not, but it is the reality as it stands today. Time will tell how the two companies are going to handle their IPs, but it's sure to be interesting.

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