Microsoft ExpertZone posted on Facebook yesterday to alert the gaming community of a very important announcement from Xbox Pope that will drop later today. The post encouraged followers of the company, specializing in customizable Xbox skins, to tune in on PopeArt’s Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

Xbox Pope also tweeted on Monday that “something special” was coming to announce some very exciting news. Various other members and professionals of the gaming industry retweeted Xbox Pope’s announcement that has got collectors and gamers on the edge of their seats. The main tweet that began circulating featured Pope’s neon green logo in an animation accompanied by the sound of short-circuiting while the logo appeared to glitch. This could be an obvious clue for fans of CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 as the technical glitch theme is relevant to the game.

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As expected, speculation began within a flurry of comments from the gaming community that tried to guess what the paramount reveal could be. Xbox Pope had already posted a mockup of what its edition of a Cyberpunk 2077 skin would look like on the Xbox Series X. Followers of the skin artist have bet on the announcement being Pope’s limited edition series of the upcoming game. Working exclusively with Microsoft consoles, other fans of Pope’s work commented that the company could be joining with Sony to release custom skins for the PS5. It would be a smart move for the artist to expand Pope's market, however Xbox appears to be the one and only for now.


Xbox Pope has produced many high-end custom designs for consoles that cater to every gamer’s deepest wishes. The company's best sellers have included the red Tesla Xbox One X, Gears of War, The Witcher and Halo Infinite Xbox Series X designs as well as a Shenmue themed edition also for the Xbox One X. Pope’s work is incredibly diverse with gaming genres and generally creates customizable skins for every type of gamer. The graphic designer has the necessary skills to produce these detailed and atmospheric designs for your Xbox console that will make you never look at those adhesive skins again.

Gamers and collectors of the artist work only have a little while longer to wait before the livestream begins and it promises to be very “special.” The stream can be watched on the ExpertZoneUKI Twitch channel today at 7pm BST.

Source: XboxPope/Twitter

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