Microsoft is partnering with Asus, Phillips, and Acer to create some new monitors specially designed to get the most out of the Xbox Series X|S.

Announced on Xbox Wire earlier today, all three monitors are being created specifically for next-gen Xbox consoles and will include a number of features to "unlock the true power" of the Xbox Series X.

First up is the 28 inch Acer Xbox Edition Gaming Monitor which supports 4K at 120Hz and HDMI 2.1. The monitor has a 1ms response time and is even one of the first monitors to be TUV/Eyesafe certified, reducing the strain on your eyeballs as a result. There is no specified release date at the moment, but the monitor will be available to purchase this Fall and will set you back $949.99.

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The second monitor being created is the ASUS Strix Xbox Edition Gaming Monitor which is quite a lot bigger than the Acer, coming in at 43 inches. Just like the Acer, this monitor also supports 4K at 120Hz and HDMI 2.1, however, it also includes a specially designed Xbox mode for the best color, contrast, and hue settings when using an Xbox Series X. It will be made available in October later this year, although prices vary by region.


Lastly, we have the Phillips Momentum which is stretching the definition of the word "monitor". Coming in at a whopping 55 inches, the Momentum has been developed with Microsoft to truly get the best out of your new console. Just like the other monitors, it will support 4K resolution at 120Hz and is powered by AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology to reduce screen tearing. The Phillips Momentum launches this Summer and is definitely one of the more expensive monitors out there, setting you back an eye-watering $1599.99.

If you're more tech-savvy than us or would just like to read up on the monitors in more depth, you can find the full announcement here.

If you are an Xbox owner and you're considering getting one of these new monitors, you may be wondering what games there are to showcase your new tech. Xbox recently had its yearly E3 conference in which a number of exciting and gorgeous games were announced, including a new Arkane game called Redfall as well as a further look at Starfield. If you need to catch up on all the announcements, you can read about them here.

Source: AOTF

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