The next-generation Microsoft console was revealed during the 2019 Game Awards this week and it's raising a few eyebrows. Not only does it have an odd name, the Xbox Series X, but it also has rather an unconventional design.

Say what you will about this monolithic new shape, we think it's genius. Xbox isn't exactly known for its enormous library of exclusive titles. In fact, once Xbox players finish Halo Infinite at the end of next year, they might not have much to do with their new console for quite some time. That's where the brilliance of the new design really shines. Here are five things you can do with your Xbox Series X once you finish Halo Infinite.

Watch Disney+

Disney+ sure is great, isn't it? All of the classic '90s cartoons a lot of us grew up with are all in one place and are totally binge-able. All of the Disney movies are also available, along with Star Wars and Marvel films. New movies and shows are already being created for the streaming service. There's absolutely no difference whether you watch Disney+ on your Xbox Series X or any other device you already have. After you finish Halo Infinite and you have nothing else to do with your Xbox Series X, you can watch Disney+ on it probably. So that's something.

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Get Your Pump On With Xbox Inspired Exercises

He's getting an incredible pump right now

Move over Ring Fit Adventure, there's a new fitness sheriff in town! While we can't recommend putting your full weight on the Xbox Series X (until we get a chance to test it ourselves at least), it's clear from the shape and size of the consoles that the engineers were keen to make the system into a multi-purpose device. Clearly, the Series X would make a fantastic accessory for at-home workouts. Try squeezing the block between your legs while you do crunches or placing both hands on top of it for a steeper angle for your push-ups. Get creative and you might find out that this thing is actually useful!


Use It As A Stand For Your PS5

concept photo only

Airflow is really important for consoles, and the Xbox Series X can make a fantastic stand for your brand new PlayStation 5. You'll want to ensure your new PS5 stays cool while you play The Last of Us Part IIGod Of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn in stunning 4k, and the shape of the Xbox Series X will ensure that your PS5 has proper airflow in front, behind, and even underneath it. Now, you can play all the amazing PS5 games without worrying about your system overheating.

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Buy A Second One And Use Them As Bookends

My collection of first edition book from the caveman times.

Learned readers like myself will surely know the struggles of finding a competent bookend. You want your bookends to not only support your literature from either end, but also maintain a certain level of aesthetic appeal. The Xbox Series X is an understated, yet powerful little tower that could function as a pair of bold, modern bookends without taking all of the attention away from your collection of first edition novels. Bonus points if you find a book about Xbox - there's got to be at least one Xbox player out there who wrote a book.

Use It As A Door Stop

It took me 3 weeks to dig up this sucker

I haven't got my hands on the Xbox Series X yet, but I can already tell he's a hefty boy. Thankfully, with the arrival of the Series X, you can finally stop digging in your yard for the perfect shaped rock to prop your door open with! The Series X can definitely keep most doors from swinging closed by the look of it. Screen doors, wood doors, and even glass are surely no match for the new system. Microsoft is really showing its commitment to creating a console that everyone can benefit from.

So, now when you finish playing Halo Infinite, you should have some cool ideas with ways to keep your Xbox Series X useful for years to come.

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