The pandemic is... well, it isn't over, but planes are starting to fly around a bit more often, so it's time to start thinking of your winter travel plans and how to ensure you'll still be able to game wherever you go.

Sure, you could pre-order a new Steam Deck to get a handheld PC, but why bother when you could get an Xbox Series S embedded in a suitcase?

Courtesy of Xbox ANZ, the same folks who brought us Xbox Body Wash, the Xbox Onesie, and the greaseproof Xbox One controller (which was super gross), the Xbox Suitcase is a suitcase that has been specially modified to become the perfect home for an Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series S is fitted snugly into a box-sized cutout along with a small monitor with a magnetized magic cover. There's also room for charging kits, a cable bundle, and two controllers, but not much room for things like toiletries or a change of clothes.

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"Another room in your home, at your friend's house, a hotel room, absolutely anywhere with access to power," writes Microsoft, "your favorite games can now be played in a truly unique way."


Sadly, the Xbox Suitcase is only available for those who live in Australia or New Zealand, but if you do live there, Xbox ANZ is also hosting a free giveaway. Just retweet the original announcement with where you plan to fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox (which launches today), and you'll be entered into a raffle to win an Xbox Suitcase.

Speaking of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the game that brought many a gaming PC to its digital knees has crossed over to the land of consoles today. Our own Dave Aubrey took a look at MS Flight Simulator and how well the Xbox Series X holds up under that much pressure, and although it's not perfect, Microsoft's fancy new console does an admirable job.

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