The slow trickle of information regarding Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition continues today as we've learned a few new things about this long-awaited port. In addition to the extra epilogue campaign and redone visuals, DE will feature an "Expert Mode" difficulty option. That's one way to giving returning players something new to dig into.

Not simply a harder take on the game, Expert Mode will allow players to freely distribute EXP to their party however they see fit. This means you can overpower a single character earlier in the campaign, or even keep your party low level to make fights more intense. If that wasn't enough, you can even delevel your characters should the game start to become a cakewalk.

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In more depressing news, it appears as if Definitive Edition will be running at sub-720p resolution in docked mode. This is pretty similar to the output that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had back in 2017, utilizing a dynamic resolution scaler to keep performance higher. It would often look like a blurry mess on your television, which almost made portable play feel like the intended option.


Sadly, Monolith Soft wasn't able to really improve things this time around. According to Twitter user MasaGratoR, docked mode in DE will output anywhere between 504p and 720p. In handheld mode, you're looking at a range between 378p and 540p. That's incredibly disappointing, especially for users that have 4K televisions.

Ultimately, the resolution isn't that important if performance can't keep up. I'd rather take lower quality graphics versus a game running like trash, so Definitive Edition gets a win here. In a video posted by JansnBenchmarks, we see that Xenoblade Chronicles is fairly consistent with its 30 FPS lock in both docked and handheld modes. It isn't perfect, but you have to take the Switch hardware into account.

While everything regarding content is clearly an improvement on the Wii original, it is super disappointing to hear that Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition won't be the best it could be. It will be interesting to see if current Switch releases run better on improved Switch hardware down the line since that could smooth out the problems here.

Source: YouTube, Twitter, WCCFTech

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