Today, Ganymede Games unveiled its debut game, Xenotheria, a single-player, sci-fi RPG which is being developed for PC and console.

Ganymede Games is an independent studio based in Las Cruces, New Mexico which was formed back in 2019 by industry veterans who have worked for studios such as Riot Games and Wargaming.

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Jerry Prochazka, Ganymede Games CEO, said, "We’re very excited to unveil Xenotheria to the world and start getting feedback from a wider group of players. We’re committed to delivering a high quality, single player RPG experience with memorable characters, an immersive world, and strategic combat."

The concept art for a character named Mr. Squiggles has also been revealed, described as a hard-working, determined, rugged "Octopus Alien Race" with a heart of gold. We also got a peek at Lobster Norton, an electrician who works in a spaceship yard.

If you're interested in playing Xenotheria, Ganymede has officially opened sign-ups for players that want to test the game ahead of its official release. If you’d like to register your interest in testing the game starting in 2021, head over to the official website:


Ganymede actively involves players in the development process and last year, the studio surveyed over 7,500 gamers to gather their preferences for a new RPG. Ganymede found that Divinity: Original Sin 2 was the top-ranked turn-based RPG across all ranked categories, with Final Fantasy 10 and Persona 5 also appearing in the top five list.

The survey results also found that 84% of turn-based RPG players prefer to play solo, while 70% of players agreed that combat systems in turn-based RPGs could quickly become formulaic.

Prochazka said, "One of our goals with Ganymede is to give players a voice in the development process and the survey was the first step towards that goal. The survey strengthened our conviction that the community for single-player games is still thriving and hungry for new experiences."

Xenotheria has yet to receive an official release date, but more information is expected to be revealed soon.

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