Betsy Braddock is a mutant member of the X-Men who first appeared in the pages of Marvel UK's Captain Britain title before joining Xavier's team of heroes as Psylocke, and the character has had a long and storied career alongside other teams like Excalibur, Uncanny X-Force, the Exiles, and more.

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Psylocke's popularity in the comics and live-action appearances in films like X-Men: Apocalypse has created a huge fanbase of cosplayers, each with their own take on the telepathic ninja assassin, so today we will be taking a look at a few great Psylocke cosplays that look just like the comics!


When Betsy Braddock first joined with the X-Men, she was a British telepath with purple hair who wore a sleek jumpsuit with puffy sleeves that she later followed up with a similarly colored armored suit to deal with some of the more dangerous X-Men villains. She didn't wear her original costume for long but it has become a fan-favorite.

Canadian cosplayer Gillykins absolutely nailed the design of the original costume, including the midriff cut-outs and free shoulders of the puffy sleeves. This amazing picture was captured by Kevin Chan Photography and features Betsy Braddock's psychic butterfly effect to perfectly capture the feel of the character.



While Betsy started out as a telepathic British spy, she would eventually be transformed by Spyral and the Hand and have her mind switched into the body of the Japanese assassin known as Kwannon, which would result in a new costume and a whole new bag of tricks, including her telekinetic katana.

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Kamiko_zero has brought this version of Psylocke to life with the help of photographer Anton Talash. The costume is classic 90s Psylocke complete with the leg and arm straps and the red sash that would define her first costume in her new body, but it's the energized katana raised overhead that really makes this cosplay stand out among others.


Psylocke has worked with quite a few different teams over the years and even led a few of them, and sometimes a new team comes with a new outfit. When Psylocke took over as the leader of Uncanny X-Force, she adopted a new costume that combined her ninja heritage with her X-Men aesthetic.

Based out of St. Louis, Nana Knoxois created Psylocke's Uncanny X-Force outfit herself and teamed up with Rebirth Photography to bring Betsy to life in this amazing outdoor environment. The various bodysuit designs and armor details along with the outstretched katana only add to the comic-accurate quality of this cosplay.


Psylocke's original costume was a deep purple that matched her hair, but as she began working with Wolverine and his team of X-Force, her costume gradually became darker as she dived deeper into the black ops missions the team became known for after the events of the Second Coming event.

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Metalgirl.Cosplay is the creator of her own comic Metalgirl Unleashed who also makes her own amazing costumes, including this fantastic take on Psylocke/Kwannon's dark costume. The red sash really stands out against the darkness of the costume while the psi-blade weapon attachment and two-toned hair complete the look perfectly.


Following a near-death experience that led to her exposure with the mysterious Crimson Dawn, Psylocke developed new abilities that allowed her to teleport in between shadows, which brought the character further into the dark than ever before while also making her more dangerous than ever before.

Professional weirdo and cosplayer Amanda Lynne has a great take on Psylocke's classic costume that reflects her darker shadow self, and the image is made even more powerful by the superhero pose and pointed katana ready to cut down her enemies. The photo was taken by ModelMosa for the Geek News Network.


After Psylocke's time with her own teams of Uncanny X-Force and Cable and Hope Summers later team, Psylocke joined with some of the X-Men's darker members in the pages of Uncanny X-Men, alongside mutants like Magneto, Sabretooth, Archangel, and M. Psylocke would eventually disband that team of X-Men when she killed Magneto.

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Sara Moni (KrayolaKid) is a self-professed mutant with a clear love of X-Men characters, and her take on Psylocke's costume from Magneto's Uncanny X-Men team is amazing. Not only is the cosplay incredibly well done, but the addition of the psi-blade and photo work from M^3 Photography faithfully bring this short-lived costume to life.


While Betsy Braddock first joined the X-Men in one form, it wasn't until her mind was transferred into the body of the Japanese assassin Kwannon and began appearing alongside the X-Men in Jim Lee's solo title that the character really became popular, and her 90's outfit is still the most recognizable among fans.

Vampy Bit Me's cosplay seems ripped right out of a Jim Lee print and perfectly captures the characters' costume and design, which is only improved by the additional psi-blade effect with photography by Vostalgic. Vampy Bit Me has brought many versions of the character to life through cosplay, but 90s Psylocke will always be one of our favorites.


Psylocke has made the jump to the big screen a couple of times, though it was only with Olivia Munn's portrayal of the character in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse that fans saw a somewhat faithful comic version. While the character wasn't explored well in the film, fans got to see an Apocalypse-created version of her classic comic costume.

TikTok star and cosplayer Karrigan Taylor's take on the Psylocke costume is a unique mixture of the comic costume and the live-action costume seen in X-Men: Apocalypse, though the darker colors and sleeker design bring it closer to the comics than the film and loses the unnecessary accessories to let the ninja shine through.


Betsy has worn a number of variations of her original 90s costume over the years, and while she has moved on from the identity in the recent pages of Excalibur (more on that soon), Kwannon has been restored to her original body and operates as Psylocke while wearing a version of her most popular costume.

Kris Lee is a cosplayer who has been creating amazing Psylocke costumes for a few years, and we've seen almost every version of Betsy/Kwannon's ever-changing wardrobe. We've included a few of our favorites like Psylocke's original 90s costume and both versions of her first Uncanny X-Force costumes to showcase Lee's awesome cosplays.


Betsy Braddock recently went through another huge transformation as she was returned to her original body while Kwannon was returned to hers, retaining the title of Psylocke. Betsy would then end up taking over her brother Brian's former role of Captain Britain in the pages of Excalibur, launching the character in a bold new direction.

Model and cosplayer Ødfel recently brought this version of Captain Britain to life with this amazing cosplay, with photography by Mineralblu. There are a lot of amazing elements to this cosplay like her telekinetic sword and amazingly designed costume, but smaller details like the "X" insignia or the flowers in her hair that really make the cosplay.

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