Yakuza: Like a Dragon served as a surprise hit late in 2020. With the franchise shifting to turn-based combat, fans and outside observers were unsure of this Sega franchise's latest entry. Thankfully, Yakuza 7 did not disappoint. The story is a huge draw with Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but this entry in the franchise introduces a new cast of incredible characters.

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Eri Kamataki is one of Yakuza Like A Dragon's party members, but unlocking her isn't a straightforward task. Every other member of the game's cast joins via story progression, but Eri is an optional member that only attentive players can recruit. Take care to follow the following steps to add this office clerk to Ichiban's crew of outcasts, gaining a powerful ally in the process.


Yakuza like a dragon Eri Guide

Players will have to save Eri's company before she decides to join Ichiban's party. This means taking part in the Management minigame. Focus on completing chapters 1-4, as the Management minigame isn't introduced until about halfway into chapter 5.

Ichiban and the party will find a struggling senbei company, one that Eri and her grandmother tried to keep afloat. After several cutscenes, Ichiban will meet the pair and become the head of Ichiban Confections. At this point, players can begin their mission to win over Eri.


Yakuza Unlock Guide Eri

Once Ichiban takes over as the company president, his friend Nick will make a sizable donation to his small Sweatshop with one condition: he'll have to help Ichiban Confections become a Small Corporation. Small Corporations in Yakuza are companies ranked 51-100, so Ichiban Confections has some climbing to do. Keep the following goals in mind:

  • Reach Rank 100
  • Hit Share Price of 15,000 yen


Yakuza Business Eri Unlock

The first thing Ichiban will want to do is improve the facilities of Ichiban's Confections. Better facilities mean more production and more profit. After upgrading the storefront, grab a Commercial Slot once the option appears. Commercials drastically increase profit for several sessions. Players can take out a Bank Loan to get more money should they need more employees or train their current ones. Keep in mind this loan will have a regular payment that will come out of profits.

Ichiban'll have a limited amount of time to reach Rank 100, so make sure to save after every profitable day until the basics feel more natural and before Shareholder Meetings.

Shareholder Meetings

Yakuza Eri Guide

The most important aspect of this minigame is the Shareholder Meetings. Acing these is critical to company growth. While they may seem daunting at first, there's a simple way to handle these shareholders. Each shareholder has a type, and each type has a weakness.

  • Red Shareholders are weak to Blue Employees.
  • Blue Shareholders are weak to Green Employees.
  • Green Shareholders are weak to Red Employees.

Players start the game with two Green Employees and one Blue Employee. Recruit Hanayama as an employee (shown above) and make sure there is one of each type equipped before the Shareholder Meeting. When a shareholder speakers up, select the employee they are weak to, and they'll refute an angry shareholder. Repeat this process with each shareholder until they are all charmed.

A successful run will cause stock prices to skyrocket. Several successful sessions in this minigame will lead to Ichiban's company hitting rank 100. At this point, Eri will ask to accompany Ichiban and his friends on their journey. At this point, Eri will join the party.

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