In Yu-Gi-Oh!, there are many different types of cards. One of them is pendulum monsters, introduced during the Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V era. They are monsters that can also act as spell cards with their own effects. There is a bunch of pendulum monsters to choose from, but what about the ones you should avoid?

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Due to the number of pendulum monsters that have come out over the years, it can be hard to know which ones you need. But here are the ones you best avoid.

10 Ghost Beef & Mild Turkey

Ghost Beef is a normal pendulum monster whose ability lets you roll a six-sided die to increase its pendulum scale by the die's number. Now that does not sound like an ability that can be very useful.

In fact, Ghost Beef's ability actually hinders your chances of summoning monsters leveled five or higher. And since its pendulum scale is four, increasing it lessens the number of monsters you can pendulum summon, unless you have the correct second pendulum card to go with it.

Mild Turkey's pendulum effect is quite the opposite. Instead of increasing its pendulum scale, Mild Turkey's pendulum scale decreases by the number rolled by a six-sided die.

Since its pendulum scale is seven, it could benefit you depending on what the other pendulum monster you use is. But other than that, it does not offer much else.

Both Ghost Beef and Mild Turkey's effects are risky because they can either help or hinder your ability to pendulum summon a good amount of monsters. And they do not offer anything else outside of their only pendulum effects.


9 Xiangsheng Magician

Xiangsheng Magician is one those pendulum monsters that are a hit or miss. Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V's Yuya used her effect in conjunction with Xiangke Magician to XYZ summon Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon. But alone, Xiangsheng is a disadvantage for you.

One of her pendulum effects is that her scale downgrades from eight to four if you control more cards than your opponent. This puts you at a serious disadvantage if you wanted to use her along with a lower scaled pendulum monster.

8 D/D Proud Ogre

Like Xiangsheng Magician, D/D Proud Ogre is a hit or miss. While Ogre's monster and pendulum effects benefit you if you're a D/D player, its second pendulum effect demands D/D loyalty.

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If its partner pendulum scale monster is not a D/D, then Proud Ogre's scale lowers from eight to five. So in order to still make the best of this card, you need to always have a D/D monster on the other scale.

7 Performapal Laugh Maker

On the surface, Performapal Laugh Maker seems like a good pendulum monster to have. But if you really examine it closely, its biggest strength is also its greatest weakness. For its pendulum ability, once per turn, if your opponent's monster's attack points are higher than its original, you gain 1000 life points.

And therein lies the problem: the opposing player's monster(s) must gain more attack points or the effect does not happen. Its monster abilities are equally problematic: the opponent's monster(s) must have more attack points or Laugh Maker's effects cannot activate.

6 Zany Zebra

Like Performapal Laugh Maker, Zany Zebra seems like an excellent pendulum card to have at a glance. However, its pendulum effect leaves more to be desired.

Since Zany Zebra can only prevent a Monster Card zone from being used while in its Pendulum state, that means the card has to be in one of the pendulum zones in the Spell & Trap card zones to be used. Its monster effect works similarly, except blocking out a spell or trap card zone. Other than that, it's not really useful.

5 D/D Savant Galilei

Like D/D Proud Ogre, D/D Savant Galilei punishes you whenever you're not using D/D monsters. You are only allowed to pendulum summon other D/D monsters while Savant Galilei is in a pendulum zone.

Also, Savant Galilei's pendulum effect has its pendulum counter increase by two during each of your standby phases and destroy any monsters you control with a level less than or equal to Savant Galilei's pendulum scale. Now that's just too harsh.

4 Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian

Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian has a nice ability that benefits only other Abyss Actor monsters. And that can be a problem for you.

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Its pendulum effect has an Abyss monster gain the attack points of another Abyss monster that must be tributed for the effect to transpire. And that can pose a problem if you want as many monsters on the field as possible.

3 Performapal Gumgumouton

Performapal Gumgumouton's pendulum effect can protect one of your monsters from being destroyed in battle by an opposing monster. The monster effect is also the same thing.

While it may sound beneficial to have a pendulum monster with the same pendulum and monster effect, it prevents Performapal Gumgumouton from offering a diverse set of effects. It's never a bad idea to have two separate effects.

2 P.M. Captor

P.M. Captor's pendulum effect allows a pendulum summoned zombie-type monster to not be destroyed by battle or card effects for the duration of that turn. As for its monster effect, it can add a pendulum monster from the graveyard back to your hand when it destroys a monster by battle.

But that's about it. While it has a good 1800 attack points, its defense points are zero. Honestly, P.M. Captor could have been better developed with more superb abilities.

1 Metrognome

Metrognome's effects largely benefit itself while hurting your chances of winning a duel. Its pendulum effect allows its pendulum scale to be the same number as another pendulum monster's scale that is in another pendulum zone until the end of the turn. Now that could be good or bad depending on what's in your other pendulum zone.

As for the monster effect, it gains 100 attack and defense times the scale of monsters in your pendulum zones, but only if both have the same pendulum scale number. It would also be able to attack your opponent directly and after dealing with direct damage would destroy all cards in both players' pendulum zones. So Metrognome is all about benefiting itself and not you overall.

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