If you picked up the DLC expansions for Breath of the Wild, you'll be able to complete some challenges themed around each of the four Divine Beast pilots. One of them is Mipha, whose quest is called Ex Champion Mipha's Song. Complete this series of tasks and you'll receive an upgrade to your Mipha's Grace ability, causing it to recharge much faster after use.

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You'll be able to access this quest and the other three that it goes with once you defeat the Blight Ganons inside the four Divine Beasts. If you're looking to complete this quest, you'll need to complete some small challenges and then a couple of shrines, finished off by a difficult boss fight. Here's everything you need to know to complete Ex Champion Mipha's Song.

Find the Pedestal

ex champion mipha's song pedestal

The first thing you'll need to do is find the pedestal in the Lanayru region with hints regarding where to go. Located right up the mountainside from Rucco Maag Shrine, this pedestal is just near Ja'Abu Ridge.

You'll be able to see Rutala Dam and Divine Beast Vah Ruta nearby. You'll find Kass here, working on the song of his old teacher. He'll sing the song for you, giving instructions for the three tasks ahead.

"Find what the light's path shows"

kee dafunia shrine

The clue for this shrine that Kass gives you simply says "find what the light's path shows." Just northeast from Zora's Domain, you'll notice a place on your map called Ulria Grotto. Head east from this area to find some Zoras camping.

You can rest at their campfire if it's not morning, as you'll need it to be just before sunrise for this quest. As the sun comes up, look for a glowing blue ring in the ocean off the cliffs. It'll appear around 5 a.m. Glide down on your paraglider and head through the ring to make this shrine appear.


Inside Kee Dafunia Shrine

kee dafunia shrine

Once you enter Kee Dafunia Shrine, you'll be tasked with an elemental challenge. You'll need to melt several ice blocks to make your way through this puzzle. You can use the provided torch inside the entrance, or you can use any fire weapons you happen to have on you.

First, melt one or both of the ice blocks blocking the path. Inside this room, you'll find a large platform full of huge ice blocks. Head to the switch around the corner and use it to drop two more blocks. You can either jump from the ramp they fall down on to get on top of these two or melt them to the right size that you can climb them.

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Next, melt the block preventing you from getting on the platform until you can squeeze past it. Inside the small room on this platform, you'll find a chest with a Frostblade.

Your goal now is to melt the blocks around here to the right size until you can climb on them to access the top of the smaller platform. Up here, you'll find one more ice block. Melt this one until Link can carry it, then bring it over to the flooded area. You'll need to fit it under the doorway, bring it up to the ledge where the monk is, then use Cryonis on the water to lift it up and give you access to the monk.

Speak to the monk to receive a Ruta emblem.

"Conquer the ancient foes"

defeat the ancient foes breath of the wild

Another of the clues Kass gives you says to "conquer the ancient foes." This is referring to a group of Guardians nearby that are patrolling around some cliffs. You'll have to watch out for some more common enemies like lizalfos and moblins down below, which are not a part of the aforementioned group of foes that you must defeat.

Focus your attention on the four Guardians, using ancient arrows, defensive armor, and/or patience to take them all down. Once you've defeated them, Sato Koda Shrine will appear.

Inside Sato Koda Shrine

sato koda shrine

Inside Sato Koda, you'll have to make use of your Cryonis rune. There is a wall of water in front of you with some contraptions on it, and a few balls rolling down them. You'll need to strategically place ice blocks to help guide the balls into the receptacle at the bottom right. The ball begins by rolling toward a row of gaps.

Place an ice block in the first slot to block the ball from dropping through it. Next, place an ice block under the left side of the first seesaw. You'll then need to place another ice block to the left of the second seesaw that the ball makes contact with. This one needs to be placed in a way that causes the ball to roll through the gap directly underneath the seesaw. However, you only get three cryonis blocks so you'll need to place one in the middle gap after the ball rolls over your first block.

If done right, the ball will eventually land in the right spot and launch up into the receptacle. You can now create ice blocks on the wall to bring you over to where the clearly-visible treasure chest is. Open it for a giant ancient core, then head to the monk to grab Ruta's emblem.

"Chase rings of the waterfall"

breath of the wild chase rings mipha's song

This challenge is arguably the easiest to find but the most difficult to complete. You'll find two waterfalls in Mikau Lake, nearby Zora's Domain. You'll be able to see the blue ring pretty clearly, especially if it's nighttime.

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Using the Zora Armor, you'll be able to swim up waterfalls, which is how you complete this challenge. Swim through each one and grab the last ring on your paraglider. Once you do, the shrine will appear.

Inside Mah Eliya Shrine

mah eliya shrine

This is one of the shrines that have several different methods for completion. You'll need to use a combination of Sheikah Slate runes to lift up two climbable blocks.

One method involves lifting the first block with cryonis, placing bombs underneath it, and using stasis to lock it in place while using the bombs below to launch it upward while you're on top of it. This can give you a massive launch to grab the chest high on the wall. From there, paraglide over to the other ledge to reach the monk and grab the Ruta emblem.

You can also use the moveable metal block to lift up the one attached to the wall after lifting the latter with cryonis. While it's resting on top of the cryonis block, use magnesis to maneuver the moveable block underneath it. Wedge the moveable block between the one attached to the wall and the higher platform, then use cryonis to hold that one up. Continue using the moveable block and cryonis to lift the two attached blocks up higher and higher. The chest on the wall is magnetic, so you can use magnesis to get it down once you get close enough.

Vah Ruta and Waterblight Ganon

waterblight ganon

Once you've collected all of the emblems, you'll be able to enter Vah Ruta in the illusory realm and take on Waterblight Ganon. Like the other Champion's Ballad boss challenges, you'll need to defeat this Blight with the use of only a few weapons and items.

You'll only be able to use the following things: a Lightscale Trident, two Ceremonial Tridents, a Silver Bow, ten arrows, the Zora Set (upgraded to level 2), and one each of a Hyrule Bass, Hylian Shroom, and a Fleet-Lotus Seed pod.

Luckily, you'll be able to use your runes still. Watch for Waterblight Ganon's super-long spear, which has a ton of deadly range, and focus on getting flurry attacks off on him by dodging the sweep attack he does with it. This fight has two phases, so try to retain some weapon durability during Phase 1 by opting for remote bombs instead.

Don't forget to make use of Urbosa's Fury and Daruk's Protection here, as well, as they can be invaluable. When he tries to throw the ice blocks at you, use cryonis to smash them, or use stasis to halt their movement and send them flying back at him. This fight is far from the toughest in the game, but the lack of items in your arsenal can make it a grueling battle.

Be patient and make your way through this battle and you'll complete the quest. You'll return to the outside and meet up with Kass again. You'll watch a cutscene prompted by a song Kass sings about Mipha, reminding Link of a past moment. Afterward, you'll receive an upgrade to Mipha's Grace, which will allow it to recharge much faster.

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