The Legend of Zelda has always been a series that's deeply rooted in fantasy and magic. Link finds himself battling against the forces of evil, facing off against grizzled monsters, mystical mages, and the personification of darkness himself, Ganon. Simply put, The Legend of Zelda series isn't necessarily a place where you'd put a lot of stock in science and logic.

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But that's exactly what some people do, and, to be fair, the developers themselves have tried time and time again to introduce some types of logic into the series. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work.

Take these 10 hilarious memes as an example of some of The Legend of Zelda's more severe logic flaws.

10 10. Those Alluring Side Quests

Did you ever notice that every Legend of Zelda game features some kind of side-questing system? Even the original game allowed you to grab better weapons and items (optionally) that would aid you in your final battle against Ganon. This is all well and good for our tunic-clad hero but what about all of the people counting on him to save the day and suffering as a product?

The world is suddenly inching towards total darkness but Link is content to fish the day away. It definitely takes away from the urgency of the situation.


9 9. Evolution At Work

On the subject of fishing, or in this case, fish, we're jumping over to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. We're a bit biased here because this is one of our favorite Zelda adventures but even we can't deny that it poses a rather odd question in terms of the game's lore. According to the release, the once proud Zora race (which seems to be filled with capable warriors and hunters) has evolved into the Rito, a feathery land-dwelling avian tribe.

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The strange thing is that The Wind Waker follows the premise of "The Great Flood" which cast Hyrule with copious amounts of water. You'd think the Zora would revel in this. Some suggest that the amount of water-based enemies simply proved too much for the Zora and they fled to land.

8 8. Call To Action

Every so often someone points out a bit of game logic that we can't help but chuckle at. Sure, stories come in all shapes and sizes and The Legend of Zelda usually follows a central theme but you can't deny that Ocarina of Time stands as the odd-one-out of this bunch.

Link is a Hero through and through so he's going to do whatever it takes to save the world from the clutches of evil and protect those that he loves. It's simply the messenger and quest-giver this time. It's one thing to take up your sword and shield for a princess or your friends, it's an entirely different scenario to spring into action because an old tree told you to.

7 7. Hey, Listen, Again!

Most games come with a nifty tutorial that will help you learn the ropes and then kindly push you out of the nest towards the remainder of your adventure. That's how it usually goes, because once you've learned an ability or discovered the use for a particular item, it's ingrained into your gaming brain.

The developers behind Skyward Sword were apparently very worried that everyone would forget the use of the Amber Relic because they make a point to tell you about it every single time you pick one up.

Every. Single. Time.

6 6. No Use Crying

This is one of our favorite logic memes to stem from the Zelda universe because it's obvious that the developers were thinking logically when they introduced the time travel mechanic in Ocarina of Time. The only issue is that they managed a teeny little oversight concerning milk and its natural shelf-life.

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When you leap forward from child to adult, you'll lose access to your wooden items because they've definitely "rotted away" over time. The good news? The milk you had sitting in your side pocket took the seven-year trip totally fine. Bottoms up!

5 5. The Indestructible Chicken

This has been a topic of many Zelda-based debates over the years. What exactly are Cucco and why are they practically indestructible? These little chickens will romp around towns and fields innocently, pecking away at the ground and minding their own business. You can sometimes pick them up and use them to "glide" (a logic meme for another day) but whatever you do, make sure your sword is sheathed around them.

Slice at one of these feathered friends too many times and the entire Chicken Coast Gaurd will flock to you and peck you into oblivion. Link can topple Ganondorf but Cuccos are simply too much.

4 4. Finely Aged

Ocarina of Time features some of the coolest boss battles in The Legend of Zelda franchise thanks primarily to the jump to 3D and the addition of new mechanics. One of the best bosses you'll come across guards the Spirit Temple.

Koume and Kotake are two rather old witches that represent the elements of fire and ice but the strange logic issue comes into play when you manage to do enough damage to them. They'll stop the battle and take a moment to fuse together. The questionable thing is that their fused form appears to be around 60 years younger than they are.

3 3. Goron Morons

The Goron race has appeared in a variety of Legend of Zelda titles but we are first formally introduced to them in Ocarina of Time. They're presented as a proud mountain-dwelling tribe that builds tools and snack on rocks. That's right, they actually eat rocks and boulders as a source of food.

This begs the question then, why are we forced to use bomb plants to clear rocks and boulders from entrances around Goron City? Isn't that like a blockade buffet to these people?

2 2. A Mysterious Map Maker

Maps and Compasses have been a pivotal part of the Zelda franchise, dating all the way back to the first title. Each dungeon has a map to find, which will help you navigate the odd array of rooms and passages. This is all well and good for places like temples and ruins but who in their right mind spent the time mapping out the inside of a fish's stomach?

Lord Jabu Jabu acts as a dungeon in Ocarina of Time and, sure enough, there's a map hidden somewhere inside his expansive gut.

1 1. The Heaviest Logic In The Series

This is it, the number one offender when it comes to Zelda logic, or in this case, a lack thereof. People that often poke fun at the logic surrounding the series will be quick to point out this major issue concerning Iron Boots and their "mystical ability."

By putting these boots on, Link will sink to the bottom of any body of water. If he takes them off, he'll simply float back up. The issue? When he's not wearing them, he's got them stored in his pockets (we guess) or at the very least they're on his person somewhere.

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